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Welcome Beautiful Nubian Royale's !!

21 Levelz- Nubian Beauty, was ignited by transformational self-care movement. Like many women, I developed "back burner syndrome", essentially putting everyone and everything except you. Ultimately, loosing the true me.  Many can relate to limited time for your desired self-care moments. As a natural care giver duties never really subside. I knew I needed to reclaim, redefine, my self-confidence and create a how to for women searching for to help other women who feel the same. I literally asked myself , Who had I become? I said, nope its time for a rediscovery and rejuvenation. 

Lets be honest, its tough enough being a women, these days. Aesthetics (makeup, hair, nails) are often judged carelessly by society's overwhelming artificial portraits.  Layers of cosmetics to be respected is not every women forte.  Research shows that 80% of women prefer soft glam, nude beauty (basic bare essentials) as their favorite makeup style. Minimalistic cosmetics is the new era of royalty. 

We provide high-quality, cruelty free, hand tied, faux-mink strip lashes, for the beauty minimalist on the go!!  Easy 2 step-lash application, 10mins or less, with our most sought after 2-in-1 glue/liner adhesive pins.  You've landed at the right place!! Whether you need lashes for the board room or for ladies nights, or just wanna have fun on the go! We have you covered. As a cruelty-free brand, Our strip lashes durable and reusable, selected with you in mind, styles ranging from elegance through dramatic. Lengths may vary, upon availability. 


Q; Define Minimalist Beauty?

A: Your everyday makeup bag contains the following; a good concealer, brow pencil, lip gloss/matte stain, a short-natural lash, and baby we're a go! 

Minimalistic-Beauty, is Chic, with a little flare that pops! Small things define that thing called swag!       

Q:What's a beauty minimalist?

A:Simplistic, Chic, Low- Maintenance, High Sophistication, with minimal effort. Not time consuming yet magnificent! 

Q:Who are our lashes for?

A: If you're a busy- on the go, mom, business owner, real estate agent, corporate professional, teacher, nurse, MUA etc. Our lashes are for you, an especially lash introductory friendly with our 2-Step Application process. 

21 Levelz, is committed to transparency, our eco friendly containers, hypoallergenic products, cruelty-free organic ingredients and materials are used. Future endeavors in skin, lip, hair care/ hair tools.  We value positivity, elevation, inspiration through beauty. Educating our customers with style guides, social media posts, but most of all feedback and questions are welcomed. 

"Embrace your natural reflection and minimalistic lifestyle.  Being unique is better than being perfect".--CEO:LeZelle'  

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21 Levelz -Nubian Beauty